Temporary Car Insurance and the New Driver

Three days to go until I get my driverís license. I have the day all planned out. Iíll get up extra early and pace around the living room until mom makes me stop. Then Iíll eat breakfast and take a shower. After I get dressed, Iíll go sit in the car and wait for mom to take me to the DMV for my driving test. After I pass the test Iíll drive mom home and go on a road trip to Las Vegas for a few weeks. After all, its summer and I donít have school. I still have to run this by mom before then.

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It turns out mom wonít let me drive anywhere by myself for the first 3 months after I get my license. She says sheís going to get me temporary car insurance at first. That way, if I am a bad driver and she grounds me, she wonít be out all of the money that she would be for a full term policy. I didnít even know you could get a kid temporary car insurance.

Ok, after 3 months and one day Iím going to drive around the world. Joey at school said you canít drive around the world, but heís a stupid-head anyway. Iíll drive wherever I want to in 3 months and one day. No one can stop me from breaking all kinds of driving records. I will be the fastest, furthest-travelling kid anyoneís ever seen. I think I will also drive the highest peak Ė just to say I did it.

When police see me speed through town, they wonít even bother to pull me over. They know that no judge in the world would rule against my driving abilities. They will probably put some kind of statue up in my honor in front of city hall. The plaque will read something like ďThe Best Driver in the Whole UniverseĒ or something like that.
It wouldnít surprise me if the town had a big parade in my honor down Main Street. I would be in a big red convertible, surrounded by cheerleaders from all around the state, each one trying to get my attention. I would never be able to let the cheerleaders down, so I would take them all out on dates with me. It will be the highlight of their lives.

Now mom says I have to come up with the dough to pay for the temporary car insurance. I donít have any money and I donít have a job. How much is temporary car insurance, anyway? I know itís usually cheaper than regular car insurance. Where am I supposed to come up with money in 3 months and one day? How am I going to date every cheerleader in the state if I donít drive? What about the parade?